About Theng

A woman is no longer a girl even though she thought still looked like a girl.

She is a dilemma person, she likes dogs but she is scared of animals. So, she keeps thinking of adopting a dog and just thinks. She likes to think and just think most of the time. This year, the year of 2021, she decides to make a move. Instead of just thinking, she takes action and makes all her thoughts come true.

Here she is, she want to be a blogger to share the knowledge she learned, to share the tips she find out, to share the feeling she experienced and to share her own story (you can just skip this, if you don’t like it)

First thing first, she is going to share what she learned, found out and experienced in Dell Penang Toastmasters Club.

Theng is her exclusive name while ttyl is her mandarin version blog pinyin “婷婷喻历” which mean Theng sharing her experience. Such a coincidence that it also stands for “talk to you later”.